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A Chat With Vicmari

Vicmari is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most unique electronic dance artists. His tracks which often contain hypnotic melodies and groovy bass lines are complemented by his affinity for acoustic, ambient sounds as well a good feel for classic House. After having a remix featured on our last release we decided to grab him for a brief chat to find out a little more about what he’s been up to…

In a sentence, who is Vicmari?

Who is Vicmari? Well that’s the million $ question haha… I think Vicmari is someone who is still under development, maybe ask me that question in 5 years from now.

“right now I’m at a point where i understand exactly how things (music) should be.”

Your sound is quite unique to South Africa, who/what helped shaped your sound while you were coming up?

I’d say my German friend Daniel Paul (Cabinet Records, Slope Music). I got too obsessed about impressing the guy to a point where i didn’t realize that it was helping me in a way. I mean we’re talking about Daniel here so the standards are definitely high, but right now I’m at a point where i understand exactly how things (music) should be.

Your tracks are always continually evolving and the structures aren’t as rigid and loop-based as some dance music tends to be. How do you achieve this?

Uhhhmm… this is a tough one, to tell you the truth most of the time i don’t know how it all happens exactly. I even question my self sometimes but hey it’s all me so…

A quick one for all the aspiring DJ’s and producers out there… Could you briefly take us through your tools/setup and general artistic approach when creating a piece of music?

My setup is simple, i use a Samson Midi keyboard, Akai APC mini Ableton Live Controller and Akai LPD8 Drum Pad. The approach is a bit weird but simple, I just JAM. Everything is free-flow, live, so it’s organic instead of programming everything.

What can we expect to hear from you in the near future?

Well the future is looking beautiful, my album is coming out soon and i don’t wanna spoil the fun with too much info, let’s just enjoy the ride…

Vicmari socials: Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud

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  1. big love to the Gaplife team 🙂

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