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A Chat With Shuttleworth

New emerging South African talent Shuttleworth is already showing quite a bit of promise with a steady stream of new music, ambitions to get stuck in to his DJ’ing and a good feel for producing modern, funky House grooves. After recently featuring on our Various Artists EP we decided to sit him down and chat briefly about who he is, what he does and where he’s headed…

You’re quite a newcomer to the scene, give us a little background as to where you started and what sparked your interest in dance music.

I’ve been a music enthusiast my whole life, I studied music in school and I’d listen to pretty much everything (still do). After I started really listening to house music in high school, I managed to get a cracked version of FL studio which I ended up giving up fairly soon afterwards because I realised music production is a lot harder than it sounds!

” I am a sucker for groove so the music will always be based on that!”

You’ve released on various independent labels around the globe but what labels have you got your sights set on for later this year and beyond?

I am working really hard behind the scenes and the results are looking promising. I have some very exciting labels that have shown interest! So at the moment I’m excited at the prospect of working with these labels and looking to push for some plays by the greats of the DJ world.

Do you have any ambitions to do anything outside of House music, or perhaps do something out of the ordinary within the dance music sphere?

I can’t say I’ll be moving away from house music anytime soon but I am always looking to bring different elements from all sorts of genres into my tracks. I am a sucker for groove so the music will always be based on that!

Let’s daydream a little bit, describe your perfect day…

Ahhh man, this is a tough one! My perfect day would probably be a simple cliche that started with a productive day in the studio finishing a track that I could test that night at a gig. I suppose that’s the dream!

What can we expect from Shuttleworth in the near future?

I am putting more time and effort into playing more gigs so hopefully you could expect to see me at some shows! Other than that, I have a lot of new music ready for release!

Shuttleworth socials: Instagram / Soundcloud

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